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Why I think they should Legalize Weed. Sometimes I find it so funny that we live in a society where cannabis is illegal yet alcohol is perfectly legal. Cannabis is the safest drug out there. You can not overdose on cannabis , and in reality it is not even physically addictive. It does not change your personality in a measure like alcohol does. It relaxes you and lowers your aggression . Yes there are some studies that correlate the consumption of cannabis to mental problems, but it has been shown not to be valid from a scientific point of view. Just look at Holland, cannabis is legal and therefore more widely discussed by people and yet has no more mentally sick patients then other countries where marijuana is illegal. when compared with other countries there is no big difference in the amount of people suffering from mental disorders. Which leads a person to assume that cannabis does not have any psychotic affects on people and that anyone who smokes marijuana is not going to turn psychotic. Some of the most recent studies of THC ( the main active ingredient in cannabis) shows that marijuana has significant anticancer properties, is one of the best antioxidants out there, facilitates neurogenisis ( birth of new brain cells ) and prevents neuronal degradation and this may be helpful in the prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s and MS. Also marijuana has been shown to be as effective in treating some illnesses as the extreme psychotic drugs that are being legally prescribed , but without any of the lethal side affects.Then we have alcohol, which is perfectly legal. Mean while, alcohol is addictive, it is possible to overdose on and die, it is widely available and even small children find it easy to get.
Alcohol lowers inhibitions, causes many adolescent pregnancies, causes many accidents, greatly changes peoples personality and often makes them strong and aggressive and is therefore the cause of many fights. In most cases alcohol contributes to the abuse of a spouse or family members and domestic violence. Alcohol contributes to drunk driving and many different types of arrest of people who were not even in there right mind at the time. Alcohol is also seriously damaging to your body . I saw a documentary the other day about the number greatly increased of British young people, not much more than 20 years old , who are already suffering liver failure due to alcohol. And yet people are such hypocrites that they get all bent out of shape if you smoke a bit of cannabis but its perfectly fine if you go out and get drunk and put innocent bystanders in danger. Really makes me laugh sometimes, so my advice to you is that there is nothing wrong with smoking cannabis. It is much healthier and less harmful socially than a drink. My advice is to not only smoke it often but if you insist on smoking it every day then use it as your reward at the end of that day. Or be like me and smoke only on weekends. Don’t abuse it by smoking all day every day for years because you will find out that being stoned so much will become your idea of what normal is. So smoke only at night and on the weekend this will save you a lot of money, and the better you will feel when you smoke that joint on Friday after work.

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PS – as I said , cannabis is not physically addictive, it is mentally addictive but then people can become mentally addicted to almost anything as pornography , eating, playing , video games, etc.

This post was originally posted in Spanish and translated to English.

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