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Polls Find Maryland And Florida Ready For Medical Marijuana Reform

Polls from two more states this week show an increasing acceptance of the need to reform marijuana laws. In a Florida poll, Sunshine State voters said they were ready to back medical marijuana, while in a Maryland poll, Old Line State voters said they were ready to decriminalize and/or legalize the weed.

Should New Hampshire permit medicinal marijuana?

On July 23, 2013, Gov. Maggie Hassan made New Hampshire the 19th state to legalize medicinal marijuana.

She signed the House and Senate passed HB 573 in 2013. Under the bill, four alternative treatment centers will be licensed by the state to dispense marijuana to qualifying patients.

Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug in America

(behind only alcohol and tobacco), and has been used by nearly 100 million Americans. According to government surveys, some 25 million Americans have smoked marijuana in the past year, and more than 14 million do so regularly despite harsh laws against its use. Our public policies should reflect this reality, not deny it.

Medical Marijuana Debates

An open forum about medical marijuana, hosted by MediJean.
Share your opinions with patients, doctors, police officers, and politicians.

Medical Use of Marijuana

Health Canada grants access to marihuana for medical use to those Canadians who are suffering from grave and debilitating illnesses. It is important to note that the Next link will take you to another Web site Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR), deal exclusively with the medical use of marihuana and do not address the issue of legalizing marihuana for general consumption.

Supreme Court Sides With Feds On Marijuana Prohibition

The highest court says there’s not enough evidence to warrant taking a second look at marijuana’s Schedule I status.

Prominent Florida attorney bankrolling medical pot measure

TALLAHASSEE — A prominent Florida attorney known for his television ads is pouring his own money into a campaign to legalize marijuana for medical use.

Newly filed reports show Orlando attorney John Morgan has donated $250,000 in the last three months to People United for

John Morgan says ‘nobody’s addicted’ to marijuana

High-profile Orlando attorney John Morgan is leading an effort in Florida to legalize medical marijuana, arguing that the drug is safer and cheaper than other painkillers.

As a recent guest on Bay News 9’s Political Connections, Morgan also discussed whether marijuana is addictive.

Marijuana Activists Fight For Full Legalization, Home Cultivation In D.C.

“I imagine the President rolling up a tobacco-marijuana cigarette with John Boehner and sitting on the back porch of the White House to work out their problems,” Adam Eidinger—the co-owner of Capital Hemp and leader of DCMJ 2014—t told reporters this morning over breakfast. Eidinger is confident that by 2016, there will be a presidential candidate who will campaign primarily on the legalization of marijuana. But for the time being, he’s just focused on the legalization of marijuana here in D.C.

State seeks input on medical marijuana regulations

CARSON CITY — During a hearing dominated by technical problems Friday, the state began asking residents what they want in regulations for Nevada’s new medical marijuana program.

At times witnesses giving their ideas could not be heard because of loud music and talking by others. Marla McDade-Williams, the deputy administrator of the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, pleaded for people to show more courtesy.

The Truth about Marijuana

Historically speaking, famous pot smokers have been men: Cheech and Chong, The Dude, Snoop Dogg, Harold and Kumar…the list goes on. With a few exceptions, women haven’t been blazing the same stoner trail (at least, not in public). But, these days, women are increasingly likely to talk about toking. Stars like Rihanna and Lady Gaga have nothing to hide about their marijuana use, and barely anyone shrugs — perhaps because, to many women, it’s no big deal.

Legal-marijuana trend spreading in the West

Voter support for legal marijuana in Washington and Colorado is spurring similar campaigns in California and three other states that together may bring pot within lawful reach of almost one in five Americans.

Medical marijuana activists fear for their industry in Washington state

After clearing an early pathway for marijuana legalization, medical cannabis activists are afraid their businesses could be swept under as Initiative 502 forces them to comply with new regulations designed with the recreational market in mind.

Morgan says marijuana is safer than prescription drugs

Claiming that medical marijuana would be a safer, non-addictive and more-effective alternative to Oxycontin, Orlando attorney John Morgan condemned the prescription pain killer in a speech Friday to argue that many of its users would be far better off smoking pot.

Switzerland changes law to decriminalize marijuana possession

Anyone caught with up to 10 grams of the drug will be let off with a CHF 100 (£68) fine and it will not go on their criminal record.A change to the law in Switzerland has decriminalised marijuana, making possession of the drug a minor misdemeanour that will not go on a person’s criminal record.

Medical marijuana issue splits Republican primary field

A bill to legalize marijuana for medicinal use in Wisconsin has divided the Republican field to replace former Rep. Scott Suder days before voters go to the polls.

Democrats have been pushing a medical marijuana bill for

Advocates push for medicinal marijuana in Ohio

Cheryl Shuman, the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana,” speaks about her experiences with medicinal cannabis at Oberlin College on Thursday.

Marijuana should be legalized

In reference to Coun. Nelson Tilbury’s letter regarding new Canadian marijuana grow laws, I believe it is exactly what Canadians want and believe. That marijuana is the gateway to economic prosperity.

In our opinion: Marijuana should not be made legal

Following in the footsteps of Colorado and Washington, where voters legalized the recreational use of marijuana in last year’s election, four other states — California, Alaska, Oregon and Arizona — have similar measures on the ballot this year.

Should pot be legal? Hear both sides of issue at debate

The “Pot or Not?” event, organized by the Midwestern Connecticut Council of Alcoholism (MCCA), is free and open to the public.