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Weed vs Prescription Drugs

Weed vs Prescription Drugs

Weed vs prescription drugs

I think that we need to start looking into the fact that prescription drugs are killing our people every day. For example cancer patients are being prescribed a medicine called Gleevec that is supposed to cure the cancer but destroys your kidneys so instead of dieing from cancer you die from kidney failure. Does that make sense ? Its like there trying to kill you even faster. Doctors are also prescribing Oxycontin to patients for pain management while knowing that it is extremely addictive and killing our people regularly. I feel that the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors that are being bribed by the pharmaceutical companies should be held accountable for the death of our people. If you think about it,when you look at Weed vs Prescription Drugs, prescription drugs,alcohol and cigarettes are killing people daily but I’ve never heard of marijuana killing anyone. I got a feeling that once the government and the pharmaceutical companies find a way to monopolize marijuana it will become legal worldwide. God Bless America

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