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Well to be totally honest when I Smoke weed

I smoke weed and I get extremely hungry and start to eat everything in the house LOL. Its like I get the crazy munchies but when I’m not eating I sometimes like to play call of Duty on my PS3. Sometimes i get into this mood where ill call a girl on the phone and put on this sexy voice and I start telling her how I wish she was here next to me and how beautiful she is and how I want to kiss her (in serious detail) LOL.You know I start telling her everything and anything that a girl wants to here, I tell her how special she is to me, how she makes me feel and how shes different from all the other girls. Sometimes we start playing the question game LOL like we start asking each other all these crazy questions about all kinds of things from our favorite color to our favorite positions or things like if she likes to smoke weed and get high before sex. Sometimes the conversations can get real intense and hot when we start talking about things in detail LOL. I’m sure you all know what talking about, dont act like you never did it LOL.

Other times when I smoke weed I like to hear music

mostly I like to listen to old songs and start reminiscing about good times I had in the past.I also like to DJ when I smoke weed I start making some crazy remixes and it seems like I do my best work when I’m high.i guess its because when I smoke weed I start analyzing every little beat in the songs and hear things in the songs that I never heard with a clear head.


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